Tim Beyers


_mg_6277Tim Beyers is a professional freelance writer who covers the intersections of technology, business, and culture. His work appears regularly at The Motley Fool, where Tim has been a contributor since 2003, and at American Express’ Inside Edge magazine.

Tim has also contributed to The Quicken Blog and FastCompany.com, the digital home of Fast Company magazine.

When he’s not writing, Tim is sometimes called upon to be an expert source. His perspectives on tech and business have appeared in Newsweek, The New York Times, and The Associated Press, among others.

Tim is active on the Web and in social media as the co-creator of Editorchat and as curator of The Freelance Writer’s Helper. More than 2,000 writers, editors, and technologists gawk at his antics on Twitter.

Prior to launching his freelance career, Tim was a PR consultant to some of Silicon Valley’s best-known firms, including BEA and Sun Microsystems. He still writes copy for private companies that need help crafting their corporate stories.

Tim and his wife Patty have three children, two boys and a girl. Benjamin, their eldest, was born with severe food allergies and Celiac Disease. Patty chronicles the family’s struggle to manage his diet in her blog, Gluten Free Joy.

Want to know more? Find Tim’s resume here. Have a writing assignment? Send Tim an email.

About The Social Writer

The Social Writer is where Tim openly conducts experiments with social media. Here you’ll find open queries, writing advice drawn from Twitter, and the occasional cocktail recipe. Tim’s goal with all this? Find out how these new media can influence a writing career. He encourages comments, stories, guest posts, and donations. (Details below.)

Twitter policy

For those of you who have arrived here from Twitter, where Tim operates under the moniker “milehighfool,” welcome. Thank you for being here. Leave a comment. But please don’t expect that Tim will follow you back if you choose to follow him. Tim believes that Twitter is like any other media and that writers should earn readers there as they do elsewhere, by telling thought-provoking stories and offering engaging commentary. Tim is most likely to follow writers, investors, and business leaders who engage thoughtfully on Twitter.

Donations policy and disclosure

Tim accepts donations from readers of this site but he does not accept donations from sources or representatives of any of the companies he covers. Nor will he ever accept donations from representatives of companies in which he invests. Find Tim’s stock and options holdings here.

If you still care to support this blog with a financial gift, use the button below. Thank you. And if you do contribute, please write Tim a note. He’d love to know what inspired you.

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