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The World’s Cheapest Writer’s Conference

In Resources on March 25, 2009 at 9:31 pm

By Tim Beyers

Each Wednesday, freelance features writer Lydia Dishman and I host Editorchat on Twitter from 8:30-10:00 pm eastern. We’re on again tonight. Only this time, John A. Byrne, Executive Editor of BusinessWeek and Editor-in-Chief of is our guest moderator.

Thank you, Mr. Byrne.

If you have yet to try Editorchat, think of it as the world’s cheapest, real-time writer’s conference covering issues of substance facing the publishing industry. We think these sorts of discussions are essential for survival as writers. Having BusinessWeek join us makes us think that we’re onto something.

In earlier weeks Editorchat has covered the editorial impact of publishers chasing scarce profits, what constitutes fair pay, the rise of content crowdsourcing, and the digital divide in publishing. Tonight, our topic is community. How can editors and writers best use it? What are the opportunities? The dangers?

To participate:
Log into Twitter shortly before 8:30 pm and search for #editorchat. Messages posted with this “hashtag,” as it’s known, are aggregated into a conversation. Refresh the screen to see new messages.

You can also use the free TweetChat or TweetGrid services to follow the discussion. Enter your name and password and specify “#editorchat” as the room you wish to enter. To respond to a topic, post with “#editorchat” at the end of your message. (TweetChat and TweetGrid will do this for you, however.)

See you on Twitter.

© Copyright 2009, Tim Beyers.


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