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Can the Kindle Save Publishing?

In Writing on May 6, 2009 at 11:57 pm

By Tim Beyers

Earlier today, announced the new Kindle DX, a large-format e-reader intended not just for books but also newspapers and magazines. Color me intrigued. As much as I think the device itself is crazily overpriced, there’s no doubting that the publishing industry is in desperate need of innovation. Kindle is a spark that I would love to see become a fire.

And I’m not alone. I’ve witnessed a surge in interest in Editorchat on Twitter ever since fellow freelancer Lydia Dishman and I turned our eyes towards innovation and its thrills and chills. We continue the discussion tonight from 8:30-10 pm. This time, we’re looking for success stories. What innovations have helped you, editors? Writers?

As a Fool I’m both a writer and investor, which means I experiment — a lot. Anecdotal leads, long-form narrative, poetic inserts; I’ll use anything to tell an informative story in an entertaining way. What about you? What are you doing? Come share your experience at Editorchat tonight.

To participate, log into Twitter shortly before 8 pm and search for #editorchat. Messages posted with this “hashtag,” as it’s known, are aggregated into a conversation. Refresh the screen to see new messages.

You can also use the free TweetChat or TweetGrid services to follow the discussion. Enter your name and password and specify “#editorchat” as the room you wish to enter. To respond to a topic, post with “#editorchat” at the end of your message. (TweetChat and TweetGrid will do this for you, however.)

See you on Twitter.

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