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The Ultimate Social Strategy for Writers

In Writing on May 13, 2009 at 7:52 pm

By Tim Beyers

I’m a social experimenter. Today’s Foolish duel notwithstanding, I’m a great fan of both Facebook and Twitter, as well as LinkedIn and most other social networks. But all of these services are severely limited by one unassailable truth: they’re digital. Every relationship in the ether is a blind date till verified by a flesh-and-blood experience.

Why should you, the writer, care? If all writing is enhanced by experience, you (and your writing) is likely missing out if you don’t take social media to the extreme by getting outside your 60-degree, musty, dark and altogether dreary basement office and meet some real people. That’s what I’m doing today, attending the Glue conference in downtown Denver.

So far, I’ve learned something about NASA’s extraordinary ingenuity, the power of open source platforms for cloud computing, and how extensible browsers such as Firefox are changing the way we interact with the Web. In other words: I’ve got a bunch of new story ideas.

Oh, and I got some sun, too.



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