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What I’m Writing Next: June Editorial Calendar

In Blogging, Resources on June 2, 2009 at 4:28 pm

By Tim Beyers

Should a blog have an editorial calendar? Markus Merz says “yes” in this post at the Performancing blog. He argues that having a schedule of content engages readers and forces planning upon the terminally disorganized. But does it really? Time for an experiment, social writers. Below is my rough editorial calendar for June:

Week 1 (June 1-5)

Source: PepsiCo

Source: PepsiCo

The top 10 bloggers for writers to follow. Thank you, blogathon. Not only did you re-introduce me to the magic elixir that the elves at PepsiCo call Mountain Dew but you also found me some great new writers to follow and whose musings I enjoy reading.

Digg or StumbleUpon? I’ll weigh in on which service writers should use. Write me here if you’ve an opinion or an experience you’d like to share.

Week 2 (June 8-12)

Should writers ask for tips? You may notice that I have buttons for PayPal and Tipjoy at this site. I encourage tips because I don’t run ads, yet not everyone thinks this is a good idea. Your take? I plan to cover the pros and cons.

Week 3 (June 15-19)

Three reasons that writers should ignore Facebook. Friends. Family. Spam. Do I even need to write this post? Yeah, I think so because there is also good stuff for writers at Facebook. Just not enough good stuff. Tell me what I’m missing.

Week 4 (June 22-26)

Four lessons I learned from Editorchat. If you don’t know what Editorchat on Twitter is, you need to check out this list of virtual hangouts for writers.

For the click shy, Editorchat is a weekly discussion between writers and editors about issues in the publishing industry that freelancer Lydia Dishman and I created in February. You’ll find us tweeting ideas each Wednesday from 8:30-10 pm on Twitter using the hashtag #editorchat. Veterans of #editorchat, share your stories here.

If this calendar seems thin, it’s because I’m also taking the advice of fellow freelancer Michelle Rafter. “Sometimes topics take on a life of their own – like the content aggregator debate you referred to – and you have to go with the flow,” Michelle says.

She’s right. The possibility of public embarrassment, much like a deadline, is a wonderful forcing function for me. Focus replaces fecklessness. Clarity replaces clutter.

But there’s also beauty in the mess that is my brain. Ideas flow with or without caffeine. Clutter is my muse, a mosaic of magazine piles, post-it notes and a somewhat random Delicious feed that, in turn, feeds my brain. A too-structured editorial calendar could become very much like a straitjacket, and I prefer a good polo shirt.

Comments? Use the box below to add your ideas.


  1. I’ve put together an editorial calendar for June as well, although I haven’t published the whole thing. It’s keeping me excited and motivated, and my readers are more involved because they know that I’ve promised them articles that will be worth their time.

    • Thanks, David. I’m fairly excited as well. Social experiments of the writing kind are what this blog is all about. Who know what this one will yield? Best of luck to us both.

  2. “A too-structured editorial calendar could become very much like a straitjacket, and I prefer a good polo shirt.”

    That’s the quote of the week.

    Thanks for allowing me to be your muse, sort of.

    I’m also planning to create an editorial calendar, though I’m not brave enough to show it in public.

    And Mountain Dew – really?

    Michelle Rafter

    • Quote of the week? I’m no Ron Doyle, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Okay, I didn’t. But I do love to experiment and this calendar is about as crazy an experiment as I can think of.

      Regarding Mountain Dew: Yes, really. I’ve a weakness for deliciously evil yellow-colored caffeinated calorie bombs.

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