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5 Must-Follow Bloggers for Aspiring Writers

In Blogging, Writing on June 4, 2009 at 1:11 pm

By Tim Beyers

With Technorati now indexing more than 100 million blogs and the esteemed editors of Writer’s Digest having named the 101 best websites for writers, I could be kidding myself trying to tell you who to follow.

Source: Google image search

Source: Google image search

Certainly this would be a silly exercise if I were assuming some position of authority in presenting this list. I’m not. My aim is to feed your brain with ideas by introducing you to those who feed my brain with ideas.

Also, this is a writer’s list, not a list for writers. Writer’s Digest has already singled out top blogs about the craft and business of writing, such as The Renegade Writer blog.

Writers who blog are a different breed. Here are the first five of my 10 favorites, listed in no particular order and all of whom you can find on Twitter. (Look for the other five here tomorrow.)

Michelle Rafter

WordCount — Freelancing in the Digital Age is the blog of human resources and tech writer Michelle Rafter. Here, you’ll find tips, stories and clean writing. Rafter also hosts the annual WordCount blogathon.  We traded blogs for a day during this year’s event. Read all about it here and here.

Mercenary Writer’s Press*

Never neglect fun when it comes to your writing. Like any gas tank, your soul needs a fill-up from time to time and humor is the soul’s petroleum. Among blogs, there’s no better filling station than the Mercenary Writer’s Press. Visit for the interesting markets, stay for the playful quotes about the craft of writing.


I want to hate Ernie Smith. Well, okay, I don’t really want to hate him. But even if I did want to, I couldn’t — there’s just too much gooey goodness baked into the bite-sized ShortFormBlog. But what I love most is his motto: “writing a little, saying a lot.” Take note, writers. This is now your anthem. And no, I’m not asking.

Susan Johnston

You know those 101 best sites for writers? Susan’s is one of them. Her blog, The Urban Muse, balances her own adventures in freelancing with practical writing tips and interviews. Be sure you read the comments, too. As good as Susan’s scribblings are, you’ll get as much value from the many pro writers who take the time to chime in.

Erik Sherman

A veteran freelancer and a thoughtful contributor to Editorchat, Eric hosts a blog called WriterBiz. There, he covers the “biz” in detail. Pay particular attention to his resource links and this post about copyrights. You’ll want to bookmark it. Really.

Those are my first five but not the first team. My other five favorite blogging writers are just as savvy as this group. Meet me here tomorrow and I’ll introduce you. And in the meantime, use the comments box below to suggest some of your own favorites.


  1. Thanks, Tim! I didn’t see this until now because I was attending my brother’s graduation, but I’m honored.

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