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How to Add Yahoo! Buzz to a Hosted WordPress Blog

In Blogging on June 21, 2009 at 8:03 pm

By Tim Beyers
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Freelance writers who blog should help readers to “buzz up” their content using Yahoo! Buzz, a popular social bookmarking service that hopes to rival Digg, StumbleUpon, and dozens of others.

There’s just one problem: Buzz buttons like these invoke Javascript, a technology unavailable to those who host their blogs at WordPress. The good news is that there’s an alternative. Any writer willing to dedicate 10 minutes under the hood with HTML can get Yahoo! Buzz working without invoking a single script. Here’s how.

First, copy this image to your computer: icon_buzz

Next, write a post and insert the icon you copied into the text. Some say to do this at the beginning of the post, others say at the end, still others say to insert at the beginning and the end. As you’ll see below, I prefer the end. Yahoo! Buzz is an option in my customized social bookmarking toolbar.

Now, once the image is inserted, click on the icon in the “visual” editor.

Mountain icon for photo

See the mountain? Click on that image. Doing so will bring you to a pop-up menu wherein you can add the title and associated link for your icon.

Text boxes for Yahoo! Buzz image

Here, the title will be whatever you want your readers to see when they mouse over the icon. Something simple like “Buzz it up!” usually works well.

For the link, you’re going to want to customize this URL:

(Thanks to Jason Tagg, who found this code during work on the Drupal open source content management project.)

You want this URL to take readers directly to a Yahoo! Buzz voting page, where they can give your writing the exposure it deserves. How to customize it? Most of the placeholders should be self-explanatory. “PUBLISHER_URN” is the exception, a marker that helps Yahoo! identify content from bloggers and other news publishers with which it already has a relationship. For everyone else, this URL template should work just fine:

Here the template is again, this time tricked-out to create a Yahoo! Buzz voting page: to Add Yahoo! Buzz to a Hosted WordPress Blog&summary=Step-by-step instructions for creating a working Yahoo! Buzz link on your hosted WordPress blog

Want to see it in action? Click the Yahoo! Buzz button below and “buzz up” this post in the rankings.

© Copyright 2009, Tim Beyers.

  1. Great tip. Thanks.

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