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Was Big Brother Watching Twitter?

In Resources, Writing on July 22, 2009 at 8:47 pm

By Tim Beyers
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Once again, Twitter failed us during #editorchat.

If you’re unfamiliar with #editorchat, it’s a weekly discussion on Twitter run by yours truly and my friend Lydia Dishman. Writers and editors use the forum to talk about topics of interest to the beleaguered publishing industry and in the process help each other to work smarter and more profitably.

Tonight, we had hoped to tackle pay. We knew it would be a contentious topic, one guaranteed to raise tempers and maybe even voices. How it could not when outlets are increasingly choosing to pay by the penny, and still shift risk to their freelancers?

Big Publishing Brother apparently doesn’t like such talk. So, he decided to shut down the conversation before it could begin. Maybe. All we know for sure is that the Fail Whale belly-flopped into our #editorchat tweetstream.

We’re going with the conspiracy theory, if only because we find it more entertaining. Herewith are our top 5 Big Publishing Brother reactions to tonight’s proposed #editorchat topic, none of which have any basis in fact other than they were trending topics on Twitter when #editorchat stalled. Drum roll, please:

5. Post a petition to send Beyonce to Brazil. Because, you know, Brazilians love bootylicious bikini wax.

4. Get Bill Maher to impose a New Rule: No fair pay for freelancers in Wonderland.

3. Start yet another ridiculous Harry Potter rumor. “No, seriously! Voldemort is Harry’s father!”

2. Four words: Unleash the resourceful mommies!

And the number one Big Publishing Brother reaction to last night’s #editorchat topic: Off the Taco Bell chihuahua.”Sorry, pooch. No quiero Taco Bell.”

To find out more about #editorchat, please visit the blog. You can contact Lydia, who contributed to this post, via email. Or click here to read her blog, The Other -F- Word. No dogs were harmed in the writing of this post. Not even by Big Publishing Brother.

© Copyright 2009, Tim Beyers.


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