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Editorchat Gets a Friend

In Resources, Writing on September 2, 2009 at 11:28 am

By Tim Beyers

Twitter sometimes acts like it’s in college; everything’s fine till someone throws a party.

Dozens are invited, of course. Tweets flow like beer and whiskey. Tweeps get louder and more obnoxious with each thread, right up until someone breaks a stereo — I mean, server — and the killjoys who weren’t invited hear the noise and call the cops.

Stumblers head for the exits. Some make it. Others enjoy a nice, quiet ride downtown to the drunk-tank. Everyone else passes out on the couch, waiting for Twitter to rally from its out-till-3-am alcohol and Cheetos bender.

Source: PhotobucketAnd of course all of this happens in a matter of minutes — just enough time to transform Editorchat from a joy to an annoyance. My friend Lydia Dishman and I prefer it when Editorchat is a joy, which is why we’ve moved the chat from Twitter to FriendFeed.

Friend who? That’s FriendFeed to you, mister. Or, if you’re feeling punchy: FaceFeed, to account for Facebook’s recent $50 million purchase of the site.

We like FriendFeed for three reasons:

  1. Private rooms are easy to set up and manage. (Here’s where you’ll find Editorchat on FriendFeed.)
  2. Twitter and FriendFeed play together nicely. Those longing for the old Editorchat don’t need to look hard to find us.
  3. Conversations occur naturally because of FriendFeed’s threaded format. (Side benefit: No more need for transcripts. Conversations are stored as they occur, and in context.)

We still like Twitter, we’re just respecting its limitations. And seeing as Lydia and I are both parents, we’re loath to set a bad example by encouraging one of our favorite services to totter off on a weekly, Wednesday night bender. (From 8:30 to 10 pm eastern, for all you writers and editors who have yet to try Editorchat.)

So we’re taking the responsible approach and moving to FriendFeed. We hope you’ll join us. Should you need information about using or joining FriendFeed, click here. And be sure to check in at the feed and the blog throughout the week — we’ll be posting noodle-cooking content about the publishing industry there and on Twitter as often as time permits.

© Copyright 2009, Tim Beyers.

  1. ok, joined freindfeed on your recommendation. its nice to find Lydia there and subscribed to feeds.

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