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Editorchat to Get a Winter Makeover

In Resources, Writing on December 2, 2009 at 5:34 pm

By Tim Beyers

After 11 months on the job, Editorchat is taking a break for the winter. Well, okay, not for the whole winter, but for December. My co-founder Lydia Dishman and I are taking the month to try and make the experience, and the blog, better.

You might say we’re returning to our roots. We’re taking time to remember why we started this thing. Here’s what we said back in March, when former BusinessWeek Executive Editor John A. Byrne joined us for a chat:

If you have yet to try Editorchat, think of it as the world’s cheapest, real-time writer’s conference covering issues of substance facing the publishing industry. We think these sorts of discussions are essential for survival as writers. Having BusinessWeek join us makes us think that we’re onto something.

We still believe in this idea. Now we want to make Editorchat a better destination, because we believe that when smart people gather in a common cause, good things can happen.


So we’re off to make a pot of coffee and figure this out. You won’t see us on FriendFeed tonight or any other Wednesday night during December. But we’ll be back in January, and in the interim we’ll be posting news items, musings, and announcements to the #editorchat tag on Twitter and to our FriendFeed page. We’ll also be working on a Facebook page.

What else should we be working on? This is your community as much as it is ours, and we want to hear from you. Leave a comment, send an email, find me on Twitter, or even give me a call. My Google Voice number is +1 (303) 351-1905.

Merry Christmas, and see you all again in the New Year.

© Copyright 2009, Tim Beyers.


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